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Wills, Trusts & Estates

Estate planning helps individuals find peace of mind knowing their family’s long-term financial well being and security is taken care of. At Adams Morris & Sessing attorneys work with families throughout the region to prepare wills, trusts and estate plans.


A will is essential for all individuals to obtain and maintain during all stages of his or her life. In the most basic form, a will provides the opportunity to honor your wishes for a number of decisions upon your death. For instance, if you intend to distribute property or assets to a person other than a blood relative, having a will in place will assure this. Without a will, the court will take control over a number of decisions, including how your property will be distributed and who will care for your children.


Trusts can be used as tools for individuals to avoid probate costs, death taxes and provide a set of limitations on his or her children’s accessibility to money. Our attorneys are experienced estate planners and can assist you by establishing a trust that is right for your family.


If you need help getting either your estate or someone else’s estate in order, contact Adams, Morris & Sessing. Failure to do so can cause problems for children and beneficiaries. Our attorneys will help you make the proper plans for your family.